Artificial Grass for Playgrounds: Is It Worth the Investment?

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Not sure if you should go for a natural play area with mulch and grass or a synthetic one? You’re in the right spot! Here, you’ll get all the answers you need about playground turf. Learn about the perks of playgrounds with artificial grass.

Is Artificial Grass Ideal for Playgrounds?

Artificial grass is an excellent pick for play areas and playgrounds because it’s tough. It needs little upkeep and stays nice for years. Rain, snow, or sunshine won’t change its color, so you’ll get the most out of what you invest. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association sets strict rules for playground turf. Sustainable Turf is made to last, absorbing shocks and stopping trips and falls.

Does Artificial Turf Get Hot?

Yes, artificial turf can get quite hot in Florida due to the state’s strong sunlight and high temperatures. The materials used in synthetic turf, such as rubber and plastic, absorb and retain heat, which can cause the surface temperature of the turf to become significantly hotter than the surrounding air temperature. 

On sunny days, the temperature on artificial turf can be much higher, making it uncomfortable for barefoot activities or extended periods of use. This is an important consideration for those looking to install or use artificial turf in areas with similar climates.

How Much Does Artifical Playground Turf Cost?

When you are looking for turf you want to know the price so that you can plan. We estimate that a playground installation will cost between $15 and $30 per square foot.

Many factors go into calculating pricing. Here are some factors that influence pricing:

  • Base Materials
  • Turf Size
  • Custom Design Options
  • Padding
  • Site Access and Preparation
  • Installation Costs


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Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Some of our first installations are over 20 years old, and they still look as green and lush as real grass. Our artificial turf is UV-resistant, built to handle tough weather, temperature changes, and lots of feet stomping around. You can use them anytime, all year long. Plus, every installation comes with a 1-year workmanship warranty and a manufacturer’s warranty that covers fading.

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

It is a worthwhile investment to install artificial turf. Here are a few good reasons to install synthetic turf in playgrounds.

Safety First

We put a safety pad under the turf to make things safer and prevent injuries. This pad is bouncy, so it absorbs shocks well. 

Enhanced Drainage Capabilities

The underlayment is made of a material that lets water drain quickly in all directions and stores it, which keeps the play area clean and drains well.

Durable and Long-Lasting

We’re dedicated to developing top-notch products through research and innovation. Our UV-resistant synthetic turf can handle lots of use, hot or cold weather, and tough conditions.

Reduced Heat Retention

Sustainable Turf playground turf products keep play areas cooler in hot weather compared to rubber products. We recommend using an innovative technology added to the turf infill, which can lower temperatures by 30 to 50 degrees.

Water Conserving

Landscape irrigation uses up almost a third of the water we use at home, which adds up to about 9 billion gallons every day across the country. With water becoming scarcer, it’s crucial to save it whenever we can. Artificial turf helps by cutting down on the water needed to keep a play area looking good and safe.

Reduce Pollution

Synthetic grass gets rid of the need for harmful stuff like pesticides, weed killers, and fertilizers. This saves you money and stops water pollution. Plus, it cuts down on the chemicals used in playgrounds since you don’t need to spend time putting those chemicals on the grass.

Artificial Grass for Playgrounds

Considerations and Challenges

Installation Considerations

Proper installation of artificial grass is crucial to ensure its safety and long-term durability. Professional installation guarantees that the turf is level, secure, and meets safety standards. This process involves preparing the base correctly to provide excellent drainage and avoid puddles, ensuring a dry and safe surface for play. 

Key factors that can influence the cost of installation include the quality of base materials, the complexity of site preparation, the design of the playground, and additional features such as padding and landscaping. Each of these elements requires careful consideration to balance aesthetic desires with functional needs, impacting the overall cost and outcome of the project​.

Environmental and Health Considerations

One of the major benefits of artificial grass is its eco-friendly aspect, notably its lack of need for water or harmful chemicals such as pesticides and fertilizers, which are traditionally used in the upkeep of natural grass. This not only saves significant amounts of water but also reduces the exposure of children and the environment to potentially toxic substances​. 

However, there are some environmental concerns, such as the heat retention properties of artificial grass. Synthetic turf can become quite hot in direct sunlight, which could affect the comfort and safety of play areas. 

Additionally, while some artificial grass products include antimicrobial properties to prevent bacteria and odor, others do not, which can pose hygiene issues if not properly maintained​​.

Aesthetic and Functional Factors

Artificial grass offers a wide range of color options and textures, allowing it to mimic various natural environments closely. The availability of different shades and blade shapes can enhance the aesthetic appeal of any playground or garden​. Despite these advantages, there are some limitations to the customization of synthetic turf. 

While artificial grass maintains a consistently vibrant appearance, it cannot easily accommodate more personalized designs, such as stenciling games or logos directly onto the turf, which might be a drawback for some users seeking a unique or branded play area.

Transform Your Playground

Ready to make a safe and lovely playground? Sustainable Turf is here for you. Our team of pros will design and install everything, so you don’t have to do a thing. Just reach out to get a free estimate.


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