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Your Trusted Source of Artificial Grass in Tampa, FL

In the vibrant and diverse landscape of Tampa, FL, Sustainable Turf stands as a pioneering provider of artificial turf solutions, dedicated to enhancing your outdoor living experience. Recognizing the challenges of maintaining natural lawns in our climate—including water scarcity, the high cost of upkeep, and environmental concerns—Sustainable Turf offers a revolutionary alternative. Our high-quality, eco-friendly artificial turf is designed to provide a lush, maintenance-free lawn that conserves resources and supports a sustainable lifestyle.

Why Sustainable Turf?

Commitment to Sustainability

At Sustainable Turf, our mission is to provide environmentally responsible landscaping solutions that meet the needs of Tampa residents. Our artificial turf products are crafted to reduce your environmental footprint by saving water, eliminating the need for chemical treatments, and providing a durable, long-lasting surface that stays green all year round.

Enjoy More Quality Time Outdoors

Imagine spending your weekends relaxing or entertaining on your lawn, rather than laboring over it. Sustainable Turf gives you the freedom to enjoy your outdoor space to the fullest, with minimal upkeep required. Our artificial grass is perfect for backyard barbecues, playing with your kids, or simply enjoying the beautiful Tampa weather in a serene, green setting.

Durability and Financial Benefits

Lasting Beauty: With a lifespan of over 25 years, our artificial turf is a wise investment for your property, ensuring a beautiful lawn without the constant maintenance required by natural grass. Cost Savings: Transitioning to Sustainable Turf can lead to substantial savings on water bills, lawn care services, and the costs associated with fertilizers and pesticides. It's an investment that pays dividends in both financial savings and free time.

Environmental Advantages

Water Conservation: Tampa, FL, residents understand the importance of water conservation. By installing Sustainable Turf, you can save tens of thousands of gallons of water annually, contributing significantly to regional conservation efforts. Reduced Chemical Use: Say goodbye to the endless cycle of fertilizing, pest control, and weed management. Our artificial turf is a safe, non-toxic alternative that keeps your outdoor space green without the environmental toll.

Our Range of Services

Residential Turf

Enhance your home with our beautiful, low-maintenance residential artificial turf, perfect for yards of any size.

Commercial Turf

Elevate your business's curb appeal with our commercial-grade turf, designed for durability and minimal upkeep.

Athletic Turf Fields

Ideal for sports facilities in Tampa, our athletic turf requires little to no maintenance, allowing athletes to perform at their best on a consistent, safe surface.

Park and Recreation Turf

Our turf solutions for parks and recreational areas offer an aesthetically pleasing, eco-friendly alternative that reduces maintenance costs and water usage.


Ensure a safe, durable play area for children with our specially designed playground turf, built to withstand the rigors of play and provide a soft landing for little ones.

Putting Greens

Bring the golf course to your backyard with our custom putting greens, designed to replicate the look and feel of natural greens for the perfect practice space.

Pet-Friendly Turf

Our pet-friendly artificial grass stands up to the challenges of pet ownership, providing a durable, easy-to-clean surface that pets love.

Choose Sustainable Turf for Your Artificial Turf Needs in Tampa, FL

Sustainable Turf is your premier choice for artificial turf in Tampa, FL, offering unmatched quality, environmental benefits, and customer satisfaction. Our team of professionals is dedicated to guiding you through the selection and installation process, ensuring a seamless transition to a more sustainable, beautiful outdoor space.

Embrace a greener, more sustainable future for your outdoor spaces with Sustainable Turf. Contact us today to discover how our artificial grass solutions can transform your Tampa property, providing beauty, convenience, and peace of mind for years to come. Your journey to a lush, maintenance-free lawn starts here with Sustainable Turf.

Join countless homeowners across the Tampa Bay area who have already made the switch to Sustainable Turf and are reaping the rewards of a beautiful, low-maintenance lawn.

Client Testimonials

Make the smart choice for your home, your wallet, and the environment. Contact Sustainable Turf today and embark on a journey to a greener, more sustainable future for your outdoor space. Say goodbye to the hassles of natural grass and hello to the beauty and ease of artificial turf. Your best investment starts here with Sustainable Turf.
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