Does Artificial Turf Get Hot in Florida?

Does Artificial Turf Get Hot

Artificial grass can be a great option for homeowners looking to cut down on yard maintenance costs. However, many worry about how an artificial turf can get hot during summer.

You might have questions about artificial grass, like “Does it get hot?” and “Is it safe for my family and pets?”

What can you expect from an artificial lawn? We’ll answer some frequently asked questions.

Does Artificial Grass Get Hot?

Artificial grass can indeed get hotter than natural grass. Natural grass stays cooler on hot days due to the water content within it.

When exposed to direct sunlight, synthetic grass tends to have a higher temperature than natural grass. However, it remains cooler than other backyard features like paving stones or concrete.

There are various ways to keep artificial grass cool during the summer, creating a comfortable area. We will discuss these shortly.

How Hot Does Artificial Grass Get?

The temperature of artificial grass largely depends on outside temperatures, the type of turf, and direct heat. Manufacturers suggest that artificial grass can be 10°F to 30°F hotter on average than natural grass. However, it still remains cooler than concrete or pavers during the hot summer months.


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How Does Artificial Grass Perform in Florida’s Climate?

Heat Resistance

Florida experiences high temperatures in the summer. Artificial grass is manufactured to withstand heat, and many quality products are equipped with UV inhibitors to prevent fading. It’s essential to choose a brand with heat-resistant artificial turf specifically designed for hot climates.


Florida’s rain can be sudden and last for days. Whether it’s a passing shower or an extended downpour, artificial landscaping or lawns can be a valuable asset to your home or business. Our synthetic turf is designed to drain liquids quickly, including rainwater, preventing water from pooling and overtaking your grassy areas.

Mildew and Mold

Due to Florida’s humid conditions, mildew and mold growth can be a concern. However, artificial grass is resistant to these issues. Porous backings and good drainage prevent moisture from becoming trapped in the turf, reducing the chance of fungus growth. Regular cleaning and brushing can further prevent potential problems.


Artificial turf is engineered to be durable and withstand foot traffic, making it ideal for Florida’s year-round outdoor activities. High-quality synthetic turf is made with durable materials capable of enduring wear and tear from sports and recreational activities.


Artificial lawns require less maintenance than natural grass, which is advantageous in Florida’s climate. While they don’t need mowing or watering, some maintenance is still necessary, such as removing leaves and debris. Occasional rinsing and brushing can keep the grass looking neat and tidy.

Artificial grass is well-suited to Florida’s climate. To ensure longevity and optimal performance, choose a high-quality product specifically designed for warm climates. Proper drainage and regular maintenance are crucial. Consult a professional artificial turf installer or supplier for more information on the best product to suit your needs in Florida.

Is There Artificial Turf That Doesn’t Get Hot?

Some turf products can deflect heat better than others. TigerCool products offer many benefits and are cooler than other synthetic turfs.

Additionally, turf products from Sustainable Turf are specially engineered to have cooling properties, allowing them to remain considerably cooler than standard synthetic turf.

Is Artificial Grass Too Hot for Pets?

Artificial grass is an excellent alternative to real grass, requiring less maintenance, and is generally safe for pets.

Sustainable Turf provides a special-grade turf designed specifically for pets, ensuring durability and maintaining the lowest possible temperature. This turf can keep your pets cooler than other options.

To further cool the turf, you can allow your dog to play in a shaded area or follow the steps below.

Does Artificial Turf Get Hot

How Do I Keep My Artificial Grass Cool?

It’s uncommon for artificial grass to be uncomfortable, even though it can heat up in the summer. Installing high-quality synthetic grass means you won’t have to worry about heat during the summer months. However, if you notice your synthetic grass getting too hot, there are several ways to cool it down.

Here are a few useful tips:

Choose High-Quality Synthetic Grass

On the market, you’ll find artificial grass available in various grades, made from materials ranging from high-quality to low quality. Top-grade grass will perform better than low-grade options.

A good quality grass will release heat faster than others. If you want a cooler surface, consider investing in high-quality artificial grass.

Select Infill Material Carefully

Infill serves many functions, and selecting the right infill material greatly affects how well artificial grass cools. Common infill materials include crumb rubber (also known as silica rubber), durafill sand, and silica rubber.

Crumb rubber absorbs more heat and takes longer to release it. On the other hand, sand options absorb less heat and release it faster. Sand is an excellent choice for infill materials to reduce heat. When installing artificial grass, seek professional assistance in selecting the correct infill material.

Use Water to Cool Down

After watering, synthetic grass quickly cools down, and it drains rapidly without leaving muddy patches. Simply turn on your sprinkler for a few minutes or hose the grass down yourself to cool it off. However, it’s important to note that watering the lawn to cool it off is not as crucial as watering to maintain its lush green appearance.

Today’s artificial grass products are far superior to the original ones on the market, from manufacturing to installation. You can disregard any myths you’ve heard about artificial turf and heat. By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, your artificial grass will remain cooler even in the summer.

Keep Your Florida Lawn Cool with Sustainable Turf

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