Exploring the Value of Artificial Turf for Playground

Artificial grass is an excellent choice for playgrounds because it’s durable and requires little maintenance. It stays looking good for many years and doesn’t fade in the rain, sun, or snow. The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association sets strict standards for playground turf. Artificial turf for the playground is designed to absorb shocks and prevent trips and falls, making it a safe choice for kids.


Does Artificial Turf Get Hot?

Artificial turf can become very hot in some places like  Florida due to the strong sun and high temperatures. The rubber and plastic materials used in synthetic turf absorb and retain heat, making the surface temperature much higher than the air temperature. On sunny days, the turf can get so hot that it’s uncomfortable to use barefoot or for long periods. This is an important consideration when installing or using artificial turf in similar climates.

Artificial Turf for Playground

How Much Does Artificial Playground Turf Cost?

If you’re planning to install artificial playground turf, you can expect the average pay between $15 and $30 per square foot. The price varies based on several factors:

  • Base Materials: The quality and type of materials used as a base.
  • Turf Size: The larger the area, the higher the cost.
  • Custom Design Options: Special designs or features can increase costs.
  • Padding: Additional padding for safety can add to the expense.
  • Site Access and Preparation: Easier access and less preparation can lower costs.
  • Installation Costs: Professional installation ensures safety and durability but adds to the cost.
Exploring the Value of Artificial Turf for Playground


How Long Does Artificial Turf Last?

Our artificial turf has been in place for over 20 years and still looks lush and green. It’s UV-resistant and built to withstand harsh weather, temperature changes, and heavy foot traffic. The turf can be used year-round and comes with a one-year workmanship warranty, plus a manufacturer warranty against fading.

Exploring the Value of Artificial Turf for Playground

What Are the Benefits of Artificial Turf?

When installing artificial turf, consider these factors to ensure safety and longevity:

  • Installation: Proper installation is crucial for safety and durability. The base must be prepared to allow excellent drainage and provide a secure, level surface.
  • Environmental and Health Considerations: While artificial grass conserves water and avoids pesticides, it can retain heat and may need regular maintenance to stay clean.
  • Aesthetic and Functional Factors: Artificial grass comes in various colors and textures but may not allow for as much customization as natural grass, like adding logos or game designs.

Transform Your Playground

Ready to create a beautiful and safe playground? Our team at Sustainable Turf is here to help with professional design and installation. Contact us for a free quote. Our synthetic turf is soft, lush, and always looks great. Plus, it saves water and reduces maintenance costs.

Artificial grass offers many benefits, including:

  • No Water Needed: Saves water and is drought-resistant.
  • Low Maintenance: Reduces costs for mowing, equipment, and repairs.
  • Quiet and Clean: No noisy equipment or pollutants from gas-powered mowers.
  • Safe and Allergen-Free: Free from toxins and allergens, protecting the environment and users.
  • Quick Drainage: Drains quickly and doesn’t get slippery when wet.
  • Safe for Kids: Specially designed to cushion impacts from falls.
  • Dog-Friendly: Ideal for creating pet-friendly areas.

Artificial grass is versatile and can transform any play area into a safe, fun, and attractive space for children of all ages.

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Transform your outdoor space with an incredibly realistic artificial grass lawn. With the expertise and support of Sustainable Turf FL, you can have a lawn that looks so natural your neighbors won’t believe it’s artificial. Get started today and experience the beauty of a lush, green lawn without the hassle of maintenance. Reach out to us now to explore our top-quality artificial grass options and find the perfect fit for your needs.


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