The Ultimate Guide to Residential Turf in Florida

Residential Turf

Many people desire a lush lawn, whether it’s a small patch or a sprawling field. Grass adds beauty and practicality to any home. However, maintaining a lovely lawn requires considerable effort, especially in places like Florida where the climate can be challenging. Consequently, numerous homeowners are opting for residential turf as a solution.

Switching to artificial grass entails a significant investment, but it’s an asset that can enhance your home for years to come. This guide covers everything you need to know about fake lawns, helping you decide if it’s the right choice for you and your family. You’ll find answers to common questions and even some you may not have considered.

With the right information, along with some inspiring ideas for your home or yard, you can confidently determine whether artificial grass is the best fit for your family.

How to Maintain Artificial Grass in Florida

We often hear that synthetic grass requires no maintenance, but that’s not entirely true. While it needs very little upkeep compared to real grass—no mowing or traditional lawn chores—it’s not entirely maintenance-free. Outdoor living can bring dirt, debris, and other messy stuff onto your faux lawn, but keeping it tidy is quite manageable.

To keep your artificial grass looking neat and clean, you can remove dirt and debris like leaves or twigs by hand or use a rake or broom to sweep the grass. Artificial grass is tough, so it’s easy to maintain. You can use tools like a lawn rake, lawn brush, or leaf blower to clear away organic debris. Plus, a stiff-bristled brush can help fluff up the blades, keeping them looking fresh. If you want to make maintenance even easier, you can invest in a power broom to do the job for you.

Although artificial residential turf is less prone to problems than real grass, a few issues can still arise. Insects might be attracted by sticky spills if they’re not cleaned up promptly, and lingering moisture could lead to mold or mildew. 

Fortunately, these problems are easy to deal with. Simply apply a household cleaner like vinegar, then rinse with water to keep insects at bay. You can also use organic lawn spray, and for spilled paint, paint thinner works wonders. The best part? Fake grass won’t stain, so your lawn will always look pristine.


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Residential Turf

What Is the Impact of Artificial Grass on the Environment?

Artificial grass might surprise you with its benefits. We all adore its lush green hue, which not only beautifies but also positively impacts the environment.

Let’s face it – one big reason for having a lawn is its beauty.

When you swap natural grass with artificial, you reduce harmful gases significantly. Gas-powered mowers emit as much pollution as eleven cars, and riding mowers can be as bad as 34 cars in just an hour.

Fake grass doesn’t contain toxic chemicals that could seep into the soil or water.

It’s also a water-saving hero. Each square foot of artificial grass can save about 56 gallons of water annually.

Did you know grass clippings make up a third of landfill material? With artificial turf, there’s no need for clipping.

It’s safe for humans and animals alike. Plus, it can cool us down by replacing or covering heat-retaining surfaces like driveways and rooftops.

Scientists have been studying artificial residential turf for over 40 years, and according to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, there hasn’t been a single instance of human illness or environmental damage linked to it.

How Durable Is Artificial Grass?

Natural grass can be lovely, but it’s delicate, especially for active families with kids and pets. They can easily damage it, causing unsightly problems that are hard to fix. Enter artificial grass – it’s tough as nails. Worried about digging dogs or rowdy kids? No problem!

For homeowners with playful children and pets, having a lawn is essential. Artificial grass can withstand even the most energetic play. No matter how much they romp around, it won’t wear out or get flat spots. Even your most determined dog won’t be able to dig through it. And if your pet uses it as a bathroom, a quick rinse leaves it smelling fresh. There are even special turf products designed for play areas for both kids and dogs.

Three things make artificial turf durable: the materials used, advanced manufacturing techniques based on the latest science and technology, and professional installation for a solid base. Quality matters every step of the way, ensuring superior performance.

Synthetic grass is also tough against wear and tear. It doesn’t stain or fade. The fibers are treated with UV stabilizers to prevent fading, and since it’s non-absorbent, liquids won’t stain it. Even if spills happen, homeowners can easily protect it from harsh chemicals.

You want your lawn to last, but you also want it to be soft and cushy under your feet. Artificial residential turf gives you the best of both worlds.

Artificial Grass Increases Your Home’s Value

A clean and tidy house maintains its value. Increasing your home’s value can be as simple as updating or expanding it. But don’t forget about the landscaping – it plays a big role too. A beautiful yard creates the best first impression, signaling to people that your home is well taken care of inside.

Even in perfect weather, a natural grass lawn can look worn from use, which isn’t very attractive. In today’s competitive real estate market, a declining curb appeal might turn off potential buyers or lead them to offer less.

The Value of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass is a game-changer. It can completely transform your landscape, always looking pristine no matter what it faces. And it’s not just you who will be attracted to its benefits; potential buyers will be too.

With artificial residential turf, you save time and money on lawn maintenance while avoiding harmful chemicals. Plus, you won’t waste water, yet still enjoy a lush yard. This means more time for enjoyable activities or investing in home repairs and family time.

Whether you’re inside or driving by, you’ll always have a beautiful view with artificial grass. And if you’re part of a homeowners association, keeping up appearances is a must – artificial grass makes that easy.

Not only does it make your life easier, but it also increases your home’s value. GE Finance suggests landscaping can double your home’s resale value. According to Alex Niemiera from Virginia Tech, landscaping can boost home value by 12.7%.

Who wouldn’t want such a great return on investment? Even if you’re not planning to sell, artificial grass adds value for you and your family to enjoy.

Residential Turf

Can Artificial Grass Help with Allergies?

Considering artificial lawn because you’re tired of mowing and other weekly lawn chores? If allergies are a concern, natural grass could be making you sick. Dealing with constant sniffles, coughing, and sneezing from allergies can be a real bother. And it’s not just humans – pets can suffer from grass pollen allergies too.

Natural grass can irritate all year round. After the spring pollen season, mold and mildew can take over your lawn. Plus, all those chemicals needed for natural grass maintenance can worsen allergies for some.

Enter artificial residential turf. It gives you lush, healthy-looking grass without the hassle. Since it doesn’t grow, there’s no need for pesticides or fertilizers. Artificial grass also drains moisture quickly, reducing the risk of mold and mildew. There are even versions specifically designed for dogs.

Dogs with grass pollen allergies can experience similar symptoms to humans – respiratory issues and itchy rashes. While vets can prescribe medications, artificial grass offers a more humane solution for your whole family. Plus, you’ll impress your allergy-prone friends by making a healthy choice. Now they can enjoy backyard BBQs or Bocce without any symptoms.

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